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The Empowered Girl Alliance’s ultimate goal is to create a model program that can be replicated on a community level in order to support and empower adolescent girls throughout the world.

We envision making our program accessible to every girl in every community, for we believe that the more Empowered Girls, the fewer vomiting, starving, gorging girls. The more Empowered Girls, the fewer piercing, cutting, abusing girls. The more Empowered Girls, the fewer stealing, gambling, depressed, self-destructive, suicidal, bullying, hating, hurting girls.

The more Empowered Girls there are—girls who know their value, power, beauty, and grace—the more Empowered Women there will be, and these women will be leaders.

Mentored teens are 46% less likely to start using drugs, 73% more likely to upgrade their personal goals, and 52% less likely to miss a day of school than teens who do not have mentors.

Marcia N. Smoller
The Long Island Mentoring Partnership

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Upcoming Weekends

Empowered Girl Training Weekend

Rochester, NY area ~           May 16-18, 2014

Empowered Girl Alliance is an independently operating 501c3 organization and is not a part of any other organization.

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EG Circles - East Coast
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  • 585 - 278 - 7868



EG Circles - West Coast

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EG Circles - South Central
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